Hianloland Fire Company offers its members a comprehensive training program that supports all fire and EMS management activities.

Trainings Include: BLS Operations, First Responders, CPR, SCBA, Ventilation, Pump Training, Drafting, Fire Behavior, Fire Suppression, Auto Extrication, Forcible Entry, Haz-Mat & Terrorism, Firefighter Safety and Survival, Cold Water Rescue, Nozzles and Fire Streams, Water Supply, Portable Fire Extinguishers, Ladders, ICS and Radio Communications.
All trainings are provided to the Department members at no cost.


Department trainings will be on every Tuesday of each month - with the occasional Saturday and/or Sunday training drills as needed. On the third Tuesday of each month, the Department holds a business/financial meeting.


The location of training will be left to the decision of the Training Officer and the Senior Officers. All trainings will start promptly at 1900 hours (7:00pm) unless noted otherwise by the Training Officer.