Chief's Report

House Numbers: “We Can’t Help You If We Can’t Find You”

Chief Raymond Kelley, EMT-C

Its two o’clock in the morning a loved one is having trouble breathing and needs immediate help, let’s put YOU in the driver’s seat……..


You’re heading to “123 Any Street”, as you’re driving down “Any Street” you pass 98, then 106 there are more houses but the next number you find is 127 after you turn around the numbers you saw are only on the other side of the mailboxes, you try to count houses only to turn down the wrong driveway…... The point is, We Can’t Help You If We Can’t Find You.


Here are some basic questions to ask yourself when it comes to house numbers: 

1. Can they be seen from both directions?

2. Are they large enough to be visible from a distance?

3. Will they be visible during low light / night / inclement weather?

4. Are they high enough to be seen as the snow piles up?

5. Are they located close enough to the street to be easily seen from passing vehicles?

6. If you live on a shared driveway, not only will you need to have numbers visible from the street, but also posted on the shared driveway with the same considerations noted above.

I would encourage you to look at your current numbers today, remember time and Mother Nature can affect the visibility. Those gloss black letters on a once new mailbox post have likely faded into obscurity with the aging of the post, the print on once new reflective decals is wearing out.

While you are getting great information here, this would something to share with your neighbors, every numbered house helps!

Thank you,
Raymond Kelley
Chief, Hianloland Fire Company