Pink Heals

Hianloland's Pink Patch Program

Hianloland's patch has gone pink! The #PinkPatchProject is a public awareness campaign designed to bring attention to the fight against breast cancer and to support breast cancer research. Here at Hianloland, we are proud to support this cause and campaign.

How can you get Hianloland's Pink Patch? The Rhode Island Chapter of Pink Heals is a local non-profit 501c3 organization that raises money to support all types of cancer. Pink Heals partners with public safety, local businesses, and families to bring a community together. Pink Heals is a program that provides home visits to show individuals that they are loved, cherished, and important to others.

To receive a Hianloland Pink Patch, please go to the Rhode Island Pink Heals website and make a $10 donation to their cause. Once a donation has been made, please send a copy of the receipt to along with the address you would like the patch delivered to and a Hianloland Pink Patch will be mailed out to you.