Hianloland Fire Company was established in 1940 on the grounds of the once 'Hianloland Farm' (now known as the W. Alton Jones Campus of URI) to aid in fire control. The Hianloland Fire Department covers the Western portion of West Greenwich. The Company provides fire protection and prevention, emergency medical and emergency rescue to the town's more than 6,135 citizens (2010 Census). Located in West Greenwich, Rhode Island, the Company boarders the Town of Exeter, Coventry and Connecticut's Town of Oneco.


Hianloland Fire Company serves a diverse area, including industrial areas, residential neighborhoods, farmlands, Wickaboxet Management Area and the Arcadia State Park. The Company provides its services free of charge. Extensive training is ongoing and remains current for both fire and rescue personnel.


Hianloland Fire Company is active in the community; holding annual Clamcake and Chowder dinners and craft fair fundraisers. In addition we provide no charge CPR training to the

community, perform courtesy wood stove inspections, and sponsor Boy Scout Troop 35 and

Cub Scout Pack 7.

Hianloland Fire Company: Mission Statement

The mission of the Hianloland Fire Company is to provide the highest quality fire protection, emergency medical services, fire prevention, safety education and community services to the citizens of and visitors to the Town of West Greenwich. Our service delivery is enhanced through training, education, planning and teamwork. We will achieve our mission safely while remaining economically responsible through the effective and efficient use of all resources. Hianloland Fire Company will also provide mutual aid coverage to surrounding communities when needed.

Hianloland Fire Company includes more than 25 volunteer emergency response personnel. Ranging from EMT'S (Basic, Cardiac and Paramedics) to Firefighters, these volunteer EMS/Fire responders work at fire and rescue scenes alongside other volunteer firefighters from surrounding Fire Departments within the Town of West Greenwich.


The Company is a volunteer organization. We are an independent and private corporation. Hianloland Fire Company is a capable to handle any true emergency and is well-respected fire service with a dedicated core group of committed volunteers. Apparatus available to serve the Town of West Greenwich include: - 2 Engine/Pumpers, 2 Tankers: Capable of Handling Rural Firefighting, Squad, Advance Life Support Rescue, Water Rescue Boat and a Polaris ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle).

As a benefit to its active members, Hianloland Fire Company also has the only non-profit CrossFit Affiliate in Rhode Island, known as CrossFit Hianloland.


The purpose of CrossFit Hianloland is to offer active members a convenient, safe and comprehensive program to stay fit not only in the fire service but everyday life. Members participate in a group class at least once a month, but are also encouraged to exercise regularly as well.


Please visit Hianloland's CrossFit website found HERE for further information.

Pink Patch Project

Hianloland’s patch has gone pink! The #PinkPatchProject is a public awareness campaign designed to bring attention to the fight against breast cancer and to support breast cancer research. Here at Hianloland, we are proud to support this cause and campaign.


How can you get Hianloland’s Pink Patch?
The Rhode Island Chapter of Pink Heals (www.ripinktrucks.com) is a local non-profit 501c3 organization that raises money to support all types of cancer. Pink Heals partners with public safety, local businesses, and families to bring a community together. Pink Heals is a program that provides home visits to show individuals that they are loved, cherished, and important to others.


To receive a Hianloland Pink Patch, please go to the Rhode Island Pink Heals website and make a $10 donation to their cause.  Once a donation has been made, please send a copy of the receipt to PinkPatch@hianlolandfire.org along with the address you would like the patch delivered to and a Hianloland Pink Patch will be mailed out to you.