Health and Wellness

Rhode Island Southern Firefighters League


Hianloland Fire Company
has the only non-profit CrossFit
affiliate in Rhode Island.

CrossFit Hianloland offers
active members a convenient, safe and comprehensive program to stay fit not only in the fire service but everyday life.

To learn more on how Hianloland members train for the elements they face, please visit  CrossFit Hianloland today!
Hianloland's patch has gone

The #PinkPatchProject is a
public awareness campaign
designed to bring attention to the
fight against breast cancer and to
support breast cancer research. Here at Hianloland, we are proud to support this cause and campaign.

Further information on the #PinkPatchProject and how to obtain Hianloland's Pink Patch can be found here.
Whether you have fire/ems
experience or are a rookie fresh
to public safety, Hianloland Fire
Company offers numerous basic
to advanced fire, rescue, EMS
& leadership courses through State programs and in-house trainings. These training opportunities are free of charge to active members. All trainings provided offer opportunity for progression through our operational roles and ranks.

Training Calendar and information can be found here.

Proudly Serving West Greenwich Since 1940

  • Captain Rich Patterson
  • Safety Officer Tom Mulcahey
  • Lieutenant Josh Wildes
  • Lieutenant Alex Potts

Pink Patch Program

Ask a Firefighter: What can I do to help first responders?

By Captain Jane Perkins, Watch Hill Fire Department

Congratulations to Hianloland's Newly Appointed Officers!